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Magic moments® is an innovative brand that amalgamate traditional craftsmanship with creativity. We offer sophisticated ideas and solutions to our clients with aesthetic designs, state of the art manufacturing and reliable logistic network. We are pioneers in introducing internal illumination systems in our jewellery boxes. Our range of products covers from jewellery cases to watch boxes, watch winders and promotional items.

We are a company that accommodates the modern demands as well as the latest trends in concepts, but above all we grant each solitary design and product a taste of our own philosophy:

"To make them special for every single user."


  • Over 20 years of jewellery packaging experience

  • Competitive pricing

  • Excellent quality control

  • Innovative design solutions

  • Outstanding sample making service

Company Profile



To provide the most professional solution for our clients' needs


To set up strong partnerships with manufacturers

To oversee the production with our quality personnel as well as our direction team 

Vision & Mission


The corporate culture of Magic moments® means the believes, values, initiative, attitudes and behaviors of our employees. Corporate culture is not an abstract concept, it is about the ways to express the aims, image and spirit of the company through corporate culture by formulating working guidelines, rules and regulations which are comprehensive, respectful and easy to understand.

Sustaining by corporate culture, employees are able to finish their tasks based on the operation, values and requirements of the company, hence, to create cohesion and team spirit. Thus, the internal activities and decisions can be aligned. In fact, an outstanding corporate should have distinguished policies. These policies are all from the irreplaceable corporate culture.



To other companies, being the excellent service provider may be their final goal. For us, it is just a starting point, not a final destination. Every employee in Magic moments believes that we have to surpass our expectation to walk further towards our goal.



Confidentiality is highly concerned. All employees are guided to strictly follow the policies in the protection of  product designs and intellectual properties of the company. Our qualified team and facilities is waiting for new challenges from your company and more international brands. 



It is our responsibility to keep our profession and persistence to achieve a better design, and find the blue ocean. All in all, always being unsatisfied with the current situation is the impetus to drive us to a higher place in product innovation. The increasing amount of design patent that we own has been the solid proof of our endeavor.

Corporate Culture


In order to assist our collaborated factory in practicing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we have set up  CSR office in China to continuously devote resources to :

  • Respect human rights

  • Respect and protect workers

  • Provide safe working environment

  • Provide occupational training

  • Prohibit discrimination and punishment

In 2017, our endeavour made to CSR was recognised by Social Enterprise Research Institute. Magic moments was awarded as Outstanding Social Caring Organisation. We will keep contribute to the society and the protection for workers. 

Corporate Social Responsibility


With our professional team and facilities, Magic moments® can always fulfill the commitment of providing high quality products and services for the best preparation of  mass production.

Our understanding of the requirements and expectations from international corporate clients to the service quality and product specification has successfully helped us to win the trust from them all along the years. Corporates are always welcomed to make effective conversation with us to tailor make their next successful products. 

Magic moments® has innovated and patented many creative designs since it was founded, such as metallic heart lock for jewellery box, Jewellery light box, Swarovski  surface pattern and so on.  For further details of our patented designs, please feel free to contact us.




Our general manager, Mr. Jonathan Chan has been awarded Excellence Leadership of China Award 2017 by Asian College of Knowledge Management and The Open University of Hong Kong. This award recognizes the performance, professional knowledge, credibility, influence and special status of the awarded leaders in their industries.


Mr. Jonathan Chan has been awarded Asian Chinese Leadership Award 2016 by Asian College of Knowledge Management and The Open University of Hong Kong. This award recognizes the outstanding contributions of eminent leaders, and their participation of welfare activities, e.g. environmental protection.


Organized by Social Enterprise Research Institute, the Social Caring Pledge Scheme honored companies which had made significant contributions to promoting all-rounded corporate social responsibility through recognizing outstanding corporate and urging all walks of life to commit.

Clients' Recommendation


With our unique understanding to the industry, profession and integrity,  Magic moments® has provided outstanding designs, after-sales service and technological supports which can meet clients' requirements and expectations. Our performance does bring us the trust from the leading companies of jewellery industry in Hong Kong. In 2016, we received recommendation letters from Prince Jewellery & Watch and 3D-GOLD which are the best evidence to support our profession and excellence, and to differentiate Magic moments from competitors in the industry.


Today, Magic moments have great partnerships with three flourishing partners in China. We match your project requirements with our best resources to meet your unique needs. We have standard procedures to manage every stage of production, such as mass production management, quality assurance, and logistics management. This process includes approved engineered drawings; control samples, pre-production prototyping, customer approval procedures, multi-stage inspections, and reporting.

Strategic Partners
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