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from design to production

One-stop Shopping Platform


Magic moments® has the major role in packaging design, quality control and logistics. Once we received the brief ideas from clients, our in-house designers start to design the packaging based on the style of the brand and requirements for the project. During mass production, our well-trained and experienced QC staff are placed on different factories to perform quality checking on raw materials, semi-finished and completed goods so as to ensure our products are able to meet international standards. 

Management of Production Process



Magic moments® concerns about sustainability. We source recycled, biodegradable materials to replace those made of virgin, petroleum-based sources. Below are the materials we are currently replacing with sustainable, recycled alternatives.

  • Plastic for injection molding

  • Faux leather

  • Faux leather paper 

  • Plastic foam

  • Paperboard


We always collaborate with FSC certified manufacturers to produce the packaging in the more sustainable way. Once the raw materials arrive our collaborated factories, staff will sign up for its arrival.  Checking will be performed by our well-trained QC for material quality. After the standard checking, the received material will be distributed to their respective production area.


Before mass production, our staff will perform checking on the raw plastic materials that are ready for injection molding. First-piece inspection will be carried out to ensure the correct settings of the machines. Technicians will regularly monitor and check the cooling system to secure the perfection of our products.


Our QC staff are assigned at the end of every production line to perform strict quality control, such as checking the matching lid and bottom from jacketing department. Defect distribution record will be prepared for each production line.


Conditions, like humidity and temperature, of our warehouses are under tight control through a wireless temperature and humidity monitoring system. To avoid mould growth, our paper and leather made goods are stored at an relative humidity lower than 50 percent, with temperature between 15 and 25 degree Celsius.    

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