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How to Light your Jewellery Display

Women visiting a jewellery store is to look for the dazzle of the diamonds. How attractive the dazzle is depends on the lighting design.

Store Lighting

Unwanted shadows and glare are important factors to consider for your store. When selecting store lighting, reflect on your ceiling design. For higher ceilings, it is suggested to consider using spotlights because they fan out less. If you have lower ceilings try using narrow flood lights for a better beam angle. These will help even out the angles of light in your store and reduce shadows and glare. Consistency is incredibly important when choosing store lighting.

Halogen lamp


- Produces more light than standard incandescent


- Emits more heat than standard incandescent lighting

- Emits more of a yellow light



- Emits little to no heat without any appreciable loss of color temperature

- Longer lifespans (more cost-friendly in the long run )


- More expensive

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