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Saffiano Leather

More and more bags and purse are made from “Saffiano”. It’s durable and practical material which is easy to clean. But what exactly is a Saffiano leather?

What is Saffiano leather?

It is textured leather where the texture is made by machine. It has a cross-hatch style and diagonal pattern and it is usually made from calf skin (genuine) or poly-urethane (faux) with wax finish.

History of Saffiano

Saffiano leather has an origin in Italy. Originally, Prada had a patent for real Saffiano leather. It was invented by Mario Prada in Italy and it is one of Prada´s masterpieces. The first handbags made from Saffiano were made in 1913, when Prada started its designer handbags journey.

Process of production

  1. Leather is put under a machine heated to 165F.

  2. Then, the leather is pressed on for 10-15 seconds.

  3. Lastly, it is treated with wax finish – it gives the leather durability and it prevents scratches and cracks on the handbag.

Properties of Saffiano

Saffiano leather has a great durability and it creates vibrant and colorful pieces. Texture has unique and unmistakable look. It comes in many colors and is typical by its scratch-resistance and water-resistance. Because of its shape and form, the convex peaks wear off faster. Then it causes that the leather loses its signature and bi-colored look.

More information about Saffiano :

Source: Fobsession. (2017). Saffiano genuine leather calf skin.

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