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Eco-friendly tips for packaging and wrapping gifts

There are some ways to make the gift-giving experience more eco-friendly. Here’s a look at some green solutions to the holiday season.

Wrapping papers and greeting cards

Wrapping papers and the fancy greeting cards aren’t typically recyclable due to the heavy amounts of dye, laminate, glitter and additives applied during production. The greener solution here is to avoid papers and cards with glitter or foil embellishment. Paper product that has the above mentioned material on it makes it not recyclable. Sticking to just a regular card stock is the best way to go if you are trying to be eco-friendly. It is also recommended searching out wrapping papers and cards that are produced with sustainable-harvest pulp, veggie-based inks, and any recycled materials.


Ribbons sure look nice on packages. But they can also be tough on the environment, especially those typical ribbons that made out of plastic or acetate. The suggested eco-friendly alternatives are ribbons that made of natural fabrics , like cotton and rafia, and being dyed by vegetable dyes. Since they are biodegradable and compostable, the gift recipients can simply toss them into the compost bin when they’re done with them.


Instead of sticking bows or ribbons on the gift box, garden trimming is recommended to make festive and eco-friendly toppings for gifts. Got out into nature, wherever you are, and take a sprig of a plant or an evergreen or an interesting seed pod. Even a stick could be interesting — you could paint it. Succulent clippings are super easy and always look great. So, that’s literally a green tip!

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Source: Bay Area News Group (2017). Eco-friendly tips for packaging and wrapping gifts this holiday season.

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