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How can packaging inserts increase customer loyalty

You know what they say; it’s easier to retain a customer than it is to secure a new one. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why it’s so important to work on improving your customer loyalty and making it the best it can be. Here are the top reasons packaging inserts are so important and ways to maximize your opportunities when it comes to using inserts to improve your customer loyalty levels.

Top reasons packaging inserts are important
  • Packaging inserts are low cost

  • Inserts can be highly targeted

  • The cost of delivering the message has already been paid

  • Package inserts are perfect for cross-selling

  • The right inserts increase loyalty

Include discount codes

The first way that you could use inserts is by giving your customer a discount. Of course, other discounts are typically sent by email. Leaving one in the packaging is like a gift within a gift and it’s sure to get your customer excited.

Write Thank You cards

Show your customers you care about them by thanking them for their recent purchase. This is bound to make your customers feel appreciated, which is one sure-fire to make them want to come back for another purchase. It is also suggested to combine with the above tactic, saying something like “Thank you for shopping with us. Here’s 10% off your next order.”

Think about cross-selling opportunities

The fact that a customer has already purchased something from you is such a good sign and, as long as the experience went well, there’s no reason they won’t buy from you again. Including an insert in your packaging, which educates your customers in what similar products you have that they might like, can surely help your business to make more sales and can be extremely effective in boosting your bottom line.

Invite your customers online

Inside your product’s packaging is a great place to include a request that can help you and your business. Likewise, this is another solution that can be used alongside any of the solutions listed above.Within these inserts, you simply request your customer to go online, onto your website, their email or their social media profiles and leave a review on what they think your product was like. This is a great way to source positive reviews of your products, which is ideal for gaining new customers.

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