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Market value estimations for packaging in 2018 and beyond

A high level overview of the global packaging market including market value estimations and the top ten disruptive trends.

The global packaging market is set to reach over $1 trillion by 2021, according to a Smithers Pira study. Much of this growth is arising from developing regions such as the Middle East, North Africa and parts South America, at an annual growth rate of 5–7% until the end of the decade. Assuming a global population of 7.50 billion people in 2016, each individual consumes, on average, $115 of packaging per year.

Top 10 disruptive trends that are changing the packaging market landscape
  1. Greater connectivity with consumers - Big Data trend to deliver individualized promotions

  2. Premiumisation via packaging

  3. Improving recyclability – especially for plastics and de-inking paper substrates

  4. Optimizing packs for eCommerce

  5. Adjusting to dimension weighting

  6. The rise of sustainable materials

  7. Greater customization of packs for promotional campaigns

  8. Design for optimal in store location

  9. Globalization - Need for packaging from global brands to adapt to multiple local preferences

  10. Engaging consumers in anti-counterfeiting - increased use of smart devices to enable consumers to verify products bought by them

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Source: Smithers Pira (2018). Marketing value estimations for packaging in 2020.

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